Calculating Implied Odds

However, in many cases pot odds alone may not be the only calculation that needs to be considered when drawing to a hand. Implied odds are also in many cases worth considering. When there are still cards to be dealt you can assume that if your hand is made that you will be making additonal money when you hit your draw and that you will not be losing additional money if you miss because you will fold your hand. If we continue to use the example where we were getting 10/1 on our first call our odds become even more favorable because once we make our draw we assume that we will make money through the rest of the pot. As a result our expectation is altered slightly when looking at implied odds rather than just pot odds on its own.

When you are in a pot it can help to try and manipulate the pot odds in order to get the result your looking are looking for. If you have the best hand and are trying to make sure no one draws out on it, you make make a bet that is larger relative to the pot to protect your hand. Many players will see this as sign they must give up their draw, though some players, if both players are deep enough, may call because they feel their implied odds are greater. When you are "on the way" you may gain greater odds by having a larger number of players in the pot along with you as your expectation increases if other players are in the pot. Therefore you may not lead out because if you are raised heavily you many not get the odds you are looking for, though if you place a blocking bet, you may end up with very favorable results to your draw.

NOTE ON ODDS AND EQUITY: Understanding each one of these concepts will advance your game greatly and will give you an advantage over some of your opponents. In order to do this you must learn how to calculate the probabilities of hands being made and be able to do the simple calculations relatively off hand. There is no real better way to do it that to practice and to memorize the necesary information. Once you understand the more basic concepts, you can learn the more advanced ones and it will add to your game greatly.