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Old 09-24-2007, 12:03 PM
Stackkiller420 Stackkiller420 is offline
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Cool Where Do I Start?

If anyone has a question or comment about any type of cash game ?. Please post it here. I'm going to start off just by saying differences in styles of play.

Cash games and tourny's differ greatly. I play more more aggressive in cash games rather than in tourny's and differ my play up greatly. I limp in with a lot of hands in cash games, and try and see many many flops. In tourny's I like to raise like 3 to 5 times the big blind. Normally I play much much more solid hands in tourny's and in cash games I like to dabble with about any 2 cards. It isn't that i'm a shit player it is because I know that I can almost always about play anyone after the flop. This is just confidence from playing many many cash games. Tourny's you will have blinds going up, and in cash games they never do. So if u are going to raise in a cash game, pick a standard size raise and raise it that number everytime, because if u raise it the same everytime they can't ever put you on a hand. And show bluffs and show the cards you are playing that way when you are playing a big hand you get paid off. These are just some of my opinions, i'm not a pro or anything. Just an man that loves the game, and knows a great deal about it.

Stackkiller 420
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Old 09-25-2007, 11:56 AM
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i so agree with keeping your raises the same or not to far off from one another

have noticed in tourney play and cash games that an over-the-average raise indicates a Mid pp...not that this is always true(OBV)...i even do it sometimes myself mainly b/c i prefer to take down the pot there and not see 3 over cards hit the flop
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