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Arizona Gambling

AZ Gambler is a resource for Arizona gambling information. Gambling was legalized in Arizona in the 1990s under certain conditions (mostly on Native American reservations) and for certain gambling games only. Arizona saw such immediate revenue generation from the games that were introduced, other games fell in line.

First it was slot machines followed by horse and hound racing. Eventually, most Vegas casino games became available legally in Arizona. Since this time, slot machines, video poker, casino games, and card tables have become a huge presence in the state, providing state government with a powerful new revenue source as well as a point of controversy. Slot machine allotments and legislation related to gambling are among the greatest issues facing the state.

Arizona Slot Machines

Gaming opportunities and competition abound in the Grand Canyon state -- 15 cities in the state contain gaming facilities. At last count, there were nearly 13,000 slot machines in Arizona. Now the only state in the nation containing one of the seven wonders of the world provides new options for people seeking gaming entertainment outside of the traditional Vegas atmosphere.

Arizona slot machines are big business.

Pari-Mutuel Racing in Arizona

Casinos in Arizona aren't the only place to play. Arizona has both horse and greyhound racing tracks, from Turf Paradise in Phoenix to the Prescott Downs. All traditional betting options at the country's more famous tracks are available to residents and visitors of Arizona.

Arizona State Lottery

The Arizona lottery has been in operation since 1981, offering a traditional "lotto" number-selection game as well as scratch-off instant win tickets. AZ Gambler will provide resources related to these gaming avenues as well.

Arizona Casinos

There are over 25 major Arizona casinos in operation, mostly centered around the heavily populated areas of Phoenix and Tucson as well as their suburbs -- though there are major casinos in the extreme western and eastern parts of the state and near the Mexican border.

Check out AZ Gambler for resources related to Arizona gambling -- from small poker rooms to video poker arcades and major casino-style entertainment, multiple gaming experiences are possible here in the desert southwest. For online gambling at the best online casinos and poker rooms, try the sites listed at

What AZ Gambler Does

AZ Gambler will also feature info on poker and blackjack in Arizona -- since 2003, table games like poker and blackjack were added to the list of legal casino offerings in the state. Finally, the state that is the home of players like Johnny Chan and Jamie Brooks has games to offer fans of these two gamer favorites.

Look to AZ Gambler for profiles on poker and blackjack rooms in the state, like the tournament-heavy Casino Arizona in Scottsdale, or the player favorite Bucky's Yavapai Casino in Prescott, known for the kind of Vegas-style promotions and slot machine bonuses that build real player loyalty. We also offer articles on WSOP and other professional poker players based in Arizona.

If you're looking for information on Arizona casinos, the Arizona lottery, or anything related to gaming in the state, AZ Gambler promises to be a complete resource. If you want to find an online casino to play with, it would be wise to read - here you'll find detailed casino reviews, industry news and lots of helpful strategy information. Online Casino Suite is a support of the organizations GamCare (UK) and

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